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What is shaking up US bond auctions?

Podcast with Jeff Rosencranz, fixed income portfolio manager at Shelton Capital Management outlining his approach to managing risks in the market at the moment.

3 years ago

Primary market risk from taper tantrums

Podcast with Shane Balkham about the potential for a taper tantrum – in which yields surge as central banks reduce asset purchasing – is potentially a risk for investors over the next year and into 2022.

3 years ago

Where will new issues find a home after Brexit and US election?

Podcast with Charlie Walker head of equity and fixed income primary markets at London Stock Exchange Group, and Eric Vanraes, head of fixed income investment at Banque Eric Sturdza, give us their perspective on the avenues for issuer appetite and investor appetite to flow this year.

3 years ago

News on EMEA’s newly issued securities 30 November 2020

Podcast with Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Policy & Technical Director, at the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), and James Deal, Chief Operating Officer at PrimaryBid, as they discuss how issuers in Europe are concerned about the fees being charged to raise capital, and how retail investors can access primary markets more effectively.

3 years ago

Hong Kong’s IPO market outlook in 2021

Podcast with Dickie Wong, executive director for research at Kingston Securities, tells us which sectors will thrive in 2021 for new issuance, including the effect of regulatory changes that have slowed the IPO of Ant Financial on other fintech firms.

3 years ago

News on APAC’s newly issued securities 7 December 2020

Podcast with Charles MacGregor, head of Asia at Lucror Analytics, and a Smartkarma Insight Provider, gives us an update on new bond issues in China, discussion of recent defaults and a perspective on investor appetite for bonds.

3 years ago