News on newly issued securities, globally, 14 December 2020

The full global update on newly issued equities and bonds this week, across Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East and Africa and the Americas this week, with:

  • Dickie Wong, Executive Director of Research, Kingston Securities
  • Mark Sturdy, director at independent research provider, Seven Days Ahead
  • Gina Kashinsky, Executive Director, Global Head of Equities, IHS Markit

With new issues including:

  • Australian Stock Exchange: Errawara Resources; GenusPlus Group, Live Verdure, Sovereign Cloud Holdings, Westar Resources, Benz Mining, Chaucer Energy, Liberty Financial, Silk Laser Australia, Torrens Mining, Playside Studios, Cettire.
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Blue Moon Group Holdings, NetJoy.Holdings, Sino-Ocean Service Holding, Vesync.
  • JPX: Stamen, Being Holdings, Fast Fitness Japan, Balmuda, Roland Corporation, Okumura Engineering, Cacco, Liberta, BeTrend Corp, Plaid Inc, Kokopelli, Inbound Tech
  • NSE: Mrs Bectors Food Specialities
  • London Stock Exchange Group: Intuitive Investments, Abingdon Health..
  • Nasdaq: Oriental Culture Holding, Bluewater Holdings, Upstart Holdings, Context Logic
  • NYSE: BioAlta

Published on December 14, 2020

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